Thursday, August 30, 2012

Change in plans

My original arrival date was August 13th.  Since I am currently writing this from my bed in Kings Mountain, it is obvious that I didn't go.  To fully understand the situation, we will start at July 13th.  I had traveled to Raleigh to celebrate my friend Mara's 21st birthday.  We went to eat sushi because the whole year we had lived a floor apart, we went to eat sushi once a week and I was really missing it.  We went to the movies to see Brave and then went to visit our friend, Rodney, who was on duty and couldn't leave his building.  Well I had planned to make the most out of my one weekend back in Raleigh, and we had plans to go to cookout later that night.  When we went, although I wasn't feeling well, I got my usual of hush puppies and sweet tea. We got back to Mara's room to go to bed, and she had mentioned she wasn't feeling good and I was starting to feel worse, so we decided that we had both gotten food poisoning from the sushi.  Saturday was Mara's actual birthday, so I tried to make it as enjoyable for her as possible.  It was obvious that she was feeling better, and I tried to act like I was although I really didn't.  I didn't want to ruin her birthday when that was the reason I was in Raleigh to begin with. Sunday when I woke up, I knew I was going to have to drive home that night, and I was feeling a little better.  So, we went to bojangles for breakfast then Ashley left. And I knew I should be driving home soon, but I was just putting it off.  I told my friend Michelle I would meet her and eat with her before I left. I ate lunch with Mara and went to draft house with Michelle.  When we got done at 6pm I still wasn't feeling up to the drive home, but I couldn't ask to stay and knew I would feel better when I got home. So, I started my drive.  I felt progressively worse as I kept driving. I had the air conditioning on high cause I was burning up, then I would have to turn it completely off cause I was freezing.  I got to thomasville and finally called my mom.  I told her I was having to stop every so miles, and I was about to enter two construction zones and I was so scared I would have nowhere to stop.  She went home and got my dad and they started driving towards me and I kept driving that way.  They met me at concord mills and drove me the rest of the way home.  I was sick all night that Sunday night, and woke up still sick Monday.  Sunday night I started having pain in the lower right side of my stomach, and that was alarming because I still had my appendix.  We called the doctor on Monday and they said that with my symptoms they couldn't help me, and I needed to go to the ER.  So I spent all day Monday in the ER.  I had at CT scan to check for appendicitis, and an ultrasound when that came back fine, and they found out I had been on a cruise the week before and that scared everyone.  So, they sent me home with 7 days of Cipro and were happy with the food poisoning diagnosis.  I started getting better the next week, and felt good Monday and Tuesday and most of Wednesday, but that afternoon my fever came back and I started feeling terrible again.  I was sick all day Thursday and begged my mom to take me to the doctor on Friday.  My doctor said that the Cipro should have killed whatever I had if I had had food poisoning, and decided that what I had was much more than that. So, I had an order for bloodwork to check for hepatitis cause my bilirubin levels were too high which meant some form of kidney failure.  I also had an ultrasound to look at my gallbladder.  I did the bloodwork and it came back fine. I have had hepatitis A sometime in my life, but did not have it currently.  The ultrasound came back fine as well, I had all the parts I am supposed to have, and they all seemed to be in the correct position.  The doctor wanted me scheduled for a kinevac test, which checks the function of the gallbladder.  I was scheduled for that Wednesday August 1st.  That morning I woke up and just felt weird. I couldn't describe it really, it was just weird.  I was having a hard time breathing, and when my mom checked my pulse it was racing.  So she rushed me back to the doctor.  By the time, the doctor saw me it was still elevated but slowing down.  They said that elevated heart rate is a sign of infection, so to go ahead with the kinevac but to also get a chest X-ray and echocardiogram.  And I got an order for more bloodwork that included a thyroid panel, a lipids panel, an iron panel, rocky mountain spotted fever, two blood cultures and some other stuff.  But I was told to wait on all of that till after the kinevac came back.  The kinevac test was completely boring and the slowest hour and a half of my life but the neuclear medicine technicians were really interesting.  The next day the results were back and my gallbladder functions just like it should.  We were back to not knowing what was wrong with me. I was so tired of not knowing it was just making me sicker.  Out of the 24 hours in a day, I was asleep for 20 of them.  Friday, the doctors office wanted me to come back, so I did the bloodwork that morning, had the chest X-ray, then was off to the doctors office again.  My doctor seemed to think it was still appendicitis, and our next step was to see a surgeon.  He consulted with the other doctor in the office, and they came to the conclusion that my appendix had started leaking and then healed itself and that's why my pain came in waves.  So the next Monday I met with a surgeon.  He scheduled surgery for August 9th and I had my appendix removed that morning.  He wouldn't clear me till the next week so I missed my arrival date at Disney and that is why I'm still here.