Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm normally really hard on myself about things I try to accomplish.  Like this blogging thing?  One of my new year's resolutions was to get back into it, and try to make it work for me.  I just can't decide what direction I want my blog to go in.

Another thing I tried this past year was Mary Kay.  I went to a party, I loved every single product I tried, and I immediately signed up to sell it.  I weighed all of the costs in my head, and it was a much better deal to just sign up to sell it.  I could get everything I wanted for $100 instead of $300, and I got a 50% discount on everything I bought.  What they don't tell you is they try to convince you to spend $600 on initial inventory.  And, then you have to buy $225 worth of wholesale products every three months to stay active.  As we all know, I work for a nonprofit, and don't make all that much.  And, I'm also paying for my own grad school (with some help from my parents too).  I just don't have $900 a year to spend on something that is going to sit in my closet.  So, to avoid going into debt, I've decided to not buy anymore, and come February I will be considered inactive.  And, I'm okay with that.  I wasn't cut out to sell makeup.  I'm meant to sit behind a desk and study financial statements all day long.  And, I'm okay with that because I absolutely love it.

So, maybe I'll blog every week, and maybe I won't, but because it's for me, I'm okay with it either way.


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