Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Reading:  I'm in between books at the moment.  I've kind of started 3rd Degree, and Beautiful Creatures, and never finished Firefly Lane. 
Writing:  I spent all day yesterday writing a memo for my tax class, so I'm kind of done writing for at least today.  
Listening:  Fried Green Tomatoes is on Lifetime at the moment.
Thinking:  Of how much I have to do this week.  A golf tournament for work, a job interview luncheon, and a test in my Wednesday night class.
Smelling:  My brother's eating some blue raspberry italian ice.
Wishing:  I could get this kidney pain to go away.  I've either got an infection or stones.  Trying to wait till tomorrow to make it to the doctor instead of urgent care.
Hoping:  This job interview goes well.
Wearing:  A sundrop t-shirt and norts.
Loving: having time to relax today.
Wanting: This weather to keep being beautiful.
Needing:  To study for my test.
Feeling:  Pretty rough today.
Clicking:  Through my Bloglovin feed.

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  1. Firefly Lane! I read something about it just this week and I can't wait to read it too! :)
    Seems like everyone of us has something to keep us busy this week! All the blogs I've read from the link up do. I hope we all finish what we have to do and have a great weekend afterwards. <3


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