Saturday, September 7, 2013

I lead a busy but boring life...

I can't decide what kind of life I lead.  It is incredibly busy, but also incredibly boring at the same time.

I go to school on Monday and Wednesday, every other Tuesday I have a committee meeting, I start orchestra on Thursday nights this month too.  And, every other day, I do homework.  Not to mention I work every day from 8:00-4:30.  So, yes I have a full life.  But, it leaves no time to do anything else.

How in the world do you meet people in the grown up world?

But, every Saturday night I find time to lay on the couch and watch TV.  Which means that I do have time to meet people, I just don't think I know how.  Any suggestions?

This is probably the most random post I've ever written, but hey who cares? It's my blog.


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  1. Maybe you could be on a few committees for different functions or join the Jr. League



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