Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Week of Confessions

Life is But a Stream of Thoughts

I confess that I am so sorry all I've been doing are link-ups and not even that many of those.

I confess that my parents are away and while I have the house to myself I've been doing exactly nothing.

I confess that since I spent $15 on a garden this year, I've been obsessing over my plants like they're my children.  My first cucumber has popped up in the last 2 days! Exciting stuff.

 I confess that my whole family met Scotty McCreery tonight and I'm more than jealous so I'm just not thinking about it.  (He's at the Bojangles convention since he's in their commercials.)

I confess that my daddy works for Bojangles.  He is their Director of Engineering and Design.  Not like the fry cook or whatever you thought first.

I confess that I can't believe it's already more than halfway through June! Crazy!



  1. Thanks for linking up with us, Hanna! I seriously cannot believe that June is halfway over. Scotty McCreery goes to the school a few miles down the road from mine. I was in his apartment complex one night and just kept shouting "WHERE IS SCOTTY?!" They refused to tell me.

    1. Wait, just reread and realized that you're an NC State fan. You know where Scotty goes hahaha!

  2. what a cute blog you have!

    good luck with your garden!!

    I can't believe June is almost over,too,time flies!

  3. Your whole family met Scotty!? So jealous! He's only a few miles away from me too and I wish I went to NC State! Thanks for linking up!


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