Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I promise I'm still here.
Here are my current reasons for not posting every day:
- work is swamped. I don't even have time to read a blog during the day, much less post on my own.
- my computer is a piece of crap. It got a virus during my second year at state and hasn't ever been the same since. If you don't have it plugged up, it can and will turn off any second it pleases. I have a Mac coming on Friday, hence the title of this post.
- it's just really hard to write meaningful posts on an iPad. 
- I've also been in the middle of grad school stuff. I've been accepted into the school I wanted and registered for my first summer class this morning. Yippee!!!

These might not be good reasons to some people, but they're good enough for me for right now. I'll be back though. On Friday. From my new Mac. 


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