Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Gong Back To School!

Beginning July 1, 2013 I will officially be a Grad Student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte!
I'll be getting my Masters in Accounting and starting with a month-long class on Taxation of Estates, Gifts, and Trusts.  I am more than excited to start this journey and it has been a long time coming.
I knew the day I started my undergraduate journey I would be getting my Masters eventually.  I had it all planned out too.  I would finish my Bachelors a year early (which I did) and go straight into my Masters the next fall (which didn't happen).  I applied at UNC Charlotte and at NC State to do my Masters full-time in Fall 2012.  And, I got denied at both.  I was absolutely devastated.  That was when I applied to work at Disney.  And then I got sick and didn't go to Disney and started working at Holy Angels.  We all know the story.
Well a few months ago, I decided I could apply again and try to do it part-time.  I applied at UNC-Charlotte again, Gardner-Webb, and Auburn University's online program.  I was 100% positive I wouldn't get in at Charlotte, and probably wouldn't get in at Auburn, so Gardner-Webb was my fall back and really the only one I was expecting an acceptance to. 
Gardner-Webb called on the 17th saying I got in to their MAcc program, and had already registered me for summer classes.  Auburn emailed the same night and said I was in there if I took two undergraduate classes and made A's in them.  I quickly took that one off the list, because I was already in at GWU without the conditional A's.  The 18th, I got an e-mail saying I was in at Charlotte too.  That's when I knew I had a tough decision to make. 
In the end, I knew Charlotte was the school for me.  I had loved their program when I went to a preview day last year, and I think it will give me more opportunities for employment upon graduation.  I knew I had to follow my original dream and go to UNCC or I would regret it for years down the road.
I still haven't told GWU I'm not coming there.  I just tried to call, but the girl wasn't in her office.

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