Friday, April 12, 2013

When Life Smacks You in the Face...

So, it seems like everytime things are looking up for me, something comes along to bring it down a notch.  And, I'm really getting pretty darn tired of it. 
Remember how I was going to Raleigh come hell or highwater last weekend?  Even though I got smacked with a nasty cold 2 days before I was supposed to leave?  Well, me and my tissue box packed it up and we were ready to leave as soon as work ended Friday afternoon.
Guess what happened?  That smack in the face thing.
My mom called.  While I was at work.  And, while she was at work, so I knew it had to be important.  Friday morning.  I answered, and she says "I just got off the phone with your grandmaw and Mike died."  Now, I only know 2 people named Mike that my Mawmaw would ever care about dying.  And, both of them were still in their 60's, so my response was, "ummm... who?"  And she said, "Mike, Kathy's husband."  Again, I was so shocked my response was, "my uncle?"  She was like "YES!" So, I decided that I really needed to stay here and be with my family, so I told all of my friends I wasn't coming at 9:30am the morning I was supposed to leave.  So, from there on it was a mix of calls from my family asking me if I was at work, or if I could go get the kids from my aunt.  And, in the middle of all of this my Pawpaw was sick with the stomach virus (AGAIN!, this is like the 4th time this year!). 
Well, later on in the day my mom told me that she thought it would be fine if I went on to Raleigh, and came back Saturday instead of Sunday.  So, I thought about it, and I really was ready to go.  Like I was mentally ready to do it, and so I decided I was doing it.  I made it to Raleigh at 7:30 that night.  Honestly it was the best drive to Raleigh I've ever had.  Praise God!
I ate my sushi, hung out with my friends, went to Moe's, and went to the baseball game! It was perfect.  Then I decided I would spend Saturday night in Winston with my family friends and come home Sunday before the 2 o'clock funeral.
I did that, and called my mom when I was leaving Winston at 10:15, where she proceeded to tell me I was supposed to be at the funeral home, in Gastonia, at 10:30.  Uhhh... what?! So, I freaked out and FLEW home! Made it in record time too! I had my mom bring me a dress and my violin with her so all I had to do was change and rehearse with the organist.
So, after a whole day of being in the family receiving line in my 3rd funeral since December, I was exhausted. 
Monday - Thursday of this week I've just been dead tired and superrr busy.  And today, I woke up with the worst headache EVER.  I think I was asleep at my desk from 8-12am this morning.  I have no idea how I got the spreadsheet my boss wanted finished.  I must be a good sleep-worker.
This weekend, I have a Women of the Church luncheon to go to, and a wedding.  Church and lunch at my Mawmaw's like every Sunday.  I also have a friend who wants to climb the mountain Sunday, but if I don't find more energy before then, that won't be happening.

I guess it won't matter how tired I was this second week of April 2013 in fifty years, but it sure feels terrible right now.


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  1. I am so sorry that this has been such a hard time for you. Losing family members is never easy. My grandfather passed away last July. I'm glad that you got a few moments of relaxing and happiness in the middle of all of the chaos, though. I'll pray for you and your family. God can help fix everything.

    In case you're confused as to who I am, I shall explain. I left a comment on your blog a while ago when I started following you, but my computer weirded out, and I don't know if it ever posted. It would have been about going through a lot of nasty health problems and empathizing with you if it did post. But, hey. Hi. I'm Natashya.

    (My normal sign-out seems inappropriate, so instead of Cheers!) Comfort!


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