Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Can't Believe Wednesdays

I can't believe I woke up at 7:12, curled my hair, dressed, put makeup on, poured a Sundrop, grabbed a doughnut, and walked out the door by 7:33 (to a warm car too, because I have the best little brother anyone could ask for).

I can't believe I turn 22 in 2 days.  I'm really just practicing denial about the whole situation though.

I can't believe how much work I have to do now that I've gone full time.  When will I ever accomplish all of this?

I can't believe it's already 11:00 and I feel like I just got here and haven't done anything.

I can't believe my little brother is going to be doing the driving portion of driver's ed next week (Scary stuff right there!)

I can't believe it's almost April.  Sure doesn't feel like it outside.


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