Thursday, March 7, 2013

My attempt to make it up to you...

I know it seems like I've fallen off the face of the earth, but never fear.  I'm still kickin.  And, I'm going to attempt to make it up to you by telling you the story that is my soap opera life during my absence. 
Okay so let's recap.  Most recently in this post I vaguely mentioned my flavor of the week.  And, that's absolutely all he was.  He texted me on Monday to tell me that he was so sorry he was being a terrible friend, and could he take me to dinner to make it up to me.  So, being the sucker I am, I said sure, and we made plans for Saturday night.  Well, we texted all week, and then Friday he started getting sketchy.  I knew exactly what was coming.  (He'd done it twice before, but I'll get to that in a minute.)  So, I knew that I would have no date on Saturday like I had thought.  But, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait till Saturday to be sure.  I was sure.  Come Saturday by the end of the game I was coaching, I hadn't heard a word.  So, I finally confronted him about it, and at first he said something along the lines of 'I can't believe you think that cause it's not true at all.'  And then the story changed to 'you're right. I'm sorry.'  And that's all I got.  And that's all I'll ever get from him.  I met Travis on my cruise this summer.  I thought he was the cutest boy from the minute we walked on the boat.  (He was in line behind us.)  He had his Sundrops just like us, and he was a firefighter.  So, we just looked at each other for 5 days.  And 2 nights before we were supposed to get back home, there was a deck party.  Honestly, I had no intention of going to it, because I was sure it was going to be full of twelve year olds.  But, when he leaned over our people watching table to ask me if I was going, how could I say no?  So I went, and we talked for hours.  We talked for 3 hours before I ever knew his name.  I found out he lived about 40 minutes from me at home.  I found out he worked for Sun-Drop! (perfect).  And, then the big announcement.... I found out he was married!!! At 20 years old, this kid was married.  He was in the process of a divorce and just waiting for his separation date to come around.  She doesn't even live in this country, and she'd been out of his life for a year.  So, I decided to say "what the hell?"  I mean, we had to go all the way to the Bahamas to meet when we lived 40 minutes from each other.  I was convinced it was fate.  He was wonderful when we got home.  A week after the cruise, I got sick and he was there through it all.  My mom didn't want me seeing him till he was divorced so all he could do was text me, but he did it all day long.  Well, a week before surgery his divorce was finalized.  I was so excited cause he could finally come over.  He came over and slept all day cause that's all I did, and then watched me choke down the yogurt I had to eat with my antibiotics and I thought everything was fine.  Well, I was wrong.  Completely.  That was the minute he started running for the first time.  It's like now that he was available he was terrified to have anyone else.  And, he always acted like I did everything just like her, when I didn't even come close.  I slept all day every day, how could I get mad when he went on a fire call?  I didn't even know he was on one.  So, 3 days before surgery he just quit talking, and this great guy was not so great anymore.  So, I had surgery and that was that.
A couple months later, he pulled the same thing that happened two weeks ago.  I'm so sorry for not being a good friend.  You know the routine.  We went to lunch twice, and then he ran away again.  3 strikes you're out buddy.  So, there's drama #1.
On to drama #2.  So we all remember my deep thoughts on love, here.  Well, in that post, I talk about both Seth and Chris.  (Chris was from symphony camp and Seth from the party at church.)  Alright well just to give you a preview, Seth is drama #2 and Chris is #3.
So Seth.  Well he started texting me one day saying how much he missed me blah blah blah.  I've heard this story from him about a hundred times since we broke up.  Literally.  And, every single time it's been a lie.  Well this time he said it wasn't.  He said he still loved me (and he hasn't said that since we broke up.)  But, I knew that he just wanted to say whatever he thought would get me to do what he wanted.  And, I wasn't havin it.  So, to make a long story short this went on for dayssss.  The I love you.  I want a life with you.  And then the next sentence would be something about so when can I see you?  And, I knew it was just I'll say this cause then it'll pull her in.  So, I was done.  I told him we wouldn't work out about 6 times and he finally took the hint so I haven't heard from him in about a week now.
Enter drama #3.  Christopher.  Now, this is my dream boy.  Regardless of what has happened the boy can always put a smile on my face with just a text message.  He's so tall and manly, but he's so sweet to me it makes him adorable.  Well, I hadn't talked to him in awhile and the last time we had talked, it hadn't ended happily.  And, I hate to be on bad terms with anyone especially someone I liked as much as him.  So, I texted him Monday.  And, I don't know what that sparked in him, but it's like I flipped a switch.  We basically fought about how he wouldn't tell me what happened with his girlfriend (who cheated on him, and he took her back ridic I know) and he said he was swamped with homework and he would tell me tomorrow.  Well, I honestly didn't care what happened I just wanted to know how he could pick her over me when he told me 'you're perfect and she's far from it.'  Well he didn't say anything all day Tuesday.  (which I figured would happen.)  So, I texted him Wednesday with something along the lines of I hate being right. And, I knew nothing would happen.  Well he waited about six hours and all he said was "I'm single."  And that'as where we started yesterday.  He said a bunch of stuff about how I'm perfect and I'm the key to happiness.  (Like I said, the guy knows what to say.)  But, then he got drunk and all we did was fight.  So, he just asked for today to prove it, so I'm going to give it to him.  What do I have to lose honestly? 
I'll try to keep you more updated on my soap opera life, so I don't have to go into these huge long posts to catch everyone up.  It would be much easier to tell it as it happens, but I usually need time to process it before I can talk about it without getting pissed off again.  But, I'm happy for the moment, so we'll see.

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