Monday, May 20, 2013

I took a long break...

Yeah, this Blog Every Day in May thing didn't work out for me.

I went to the beach, and we had NO wi-fi and I was just enjoying it.  I had the best time doing absolutely nothing but spending a ton of time with my twin and laying out and sleeping.

The Bout of Books 7.0 finished up as well.

So, here's my final numbers on that.

Finished Crossed: 195 pages
Finished Strawberry Shortcake Murder: 320 pages
Started Notorious Nineteen: 22 pages
Started Mother's Curse: 81 pages
Read about 10 pages in The Bride Quartet (I'm just not into it)

So all in all, I read 618 pages and finished 2 books completely.

Not bad for my first readathon I'd say.


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