Friday, May 3, 2013

Uncomfortable Things

Today's topic for Blog Every Day in May is things that make me uncomfortable.  There are quite a few of those actually.

- I really hate when people smack their food.  

-  I get really uncomfortable when people text me things I don't want to hear/know and so I just ignore their text message.

- I don't answer if someone calls and I don't know their number.  I ignored Gardner Webb for three months.  Good thing I got in at Charlotte.

-  I don't like when people talk about getting stuck on an elevator when I'm already on an elevator.  Let's just ignore the fact that I could face my death here alright?

-  Which leads to the fact that I'm really claustrophobic and I hate huge crowds that don't have any room to move at all.

-  I hate when people find out I play violin and their next question is "are you any good at it?"  Well no I'm terrible and I just keep playing to make people suffer.  If I wasn't good at it I wouldn't have put 19 years and over $45000 into it.

These are just a few things I don't like to be in my life.


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  1. hahaha "are you good at it" :P
    it's like when u're at the bus station and ppl ask you "what are you doing here?!" ... guess!


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