Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Things First 2/19

1. First thing you do at the gym
I could answer this if I went to the gym.  The only exercise I do is the Zumba game for the Xbox Kinect.  LOVE IT!!! Seriously.  I used to pay $40 a month for Zumba classes, and would still come home and enjoy my game more.  I can do it on my time, in my own space, and I don't have to drive there or anything.  And, I just love getting 5 stars.  I am a sucker for perfection.  Weird I know.

2. First date with your current significant other
Well, the flavor of the week is someone I've never even mentioned on this blog, and didn't think I would ever hear from again.  I met him on my cruise this summer, and he lives about forty minutes away from me.  Our first date was to the party on the cruise ship.  But, we only stayed for about twenty minutes.  Then we just walked around the boat.

3. First email address
Violinchick329@aol.com  And, I thought I was the bomb dot com lemme tell ya.  I'd spend hours on AIM talking about middle school drama.  Ridiculous.  


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  1. Well I don't actually go to the gym myself either, so no worries there :) But yes of course we all though our old school screen names were the bomb dot com! Thank goodness we've made it through those ridiculous pre-teen years! Glad you joined in and linked up with me today!


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