Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

I am in love with this link-up.  I'm not sorry for most of the things that I do.  Life's no fun if you live with regrets.
I'm not sorry I watch soldier homecoming videos like it's my job.  And cry like a baby every time.
I'm also not sorry that I read blogs about babies with cancer.  I really don't know why I love doing this.  I think it's because I just feel like if I know about them I can pray for them.  And, that's one more prayer on their side.  Maybe I can help heal them through prayer.
(Layla was the first blog I ever read.  She'll always have a special place in my heart)
I'm not sorry that I post what I feel.  Regardless of it makes any sense to anyone else.
I'm not sorry that I don't post every day.  I just don't have something to say everyday.  Or, at least not something I think would be meaningful. 
I'm not sorry that I have a long list of foods I hate.  Chocolate cake, whipped cream, pudding, spaghetti, and sloppy joes are at the top of the list.
Sorry I can't think of anymore because I'm supposed to be working.


  1. military homecomings reduce me to a puddle of tears! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Oh man- my big thing on YouTube is to watch Britney/Justin relationship tribute videos. Because I am SUPER cool. I cry every time. It's the worst. There's no way I could watch military homecomings without sobbing like a crazy person. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh man, I HATE chocolate cake and spaghetti as well. We are not crazy!

  4. Hi Hanna! I found you through the Walkabout and just wanted to say hi! Love your "Sorry Not Sorry" post!


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