Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Things First

Today, I'm linking up with Halie and Hallie for First Things First.  I have another post coming this week that will probably hit home with my sorority girl followers.

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning
The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is look at my phone, and see who texted me cause inevitably someone texted me while I was asleep.  Happens Every. Single. Night.  Then I lay there and watch I Love Lucy for awhile because that's always on when I woke up.  Then, I get up, get dressed, put makeup on, pour my orange juice, and out the door I go.

First heart break
My first real heartbreak we've already talked about.  There's only been two boys I've dated that I truly cared about.  When me and Chris broke up, it was mutual so I wasn't exactly heartbroken about it.  When Seth broke up with me, I was completely devastated.  I honestly thought my life was over right then and there.  The night before we broke up, he asked me to get an apartment with him.  The next morning he was at my door with a bag of my stuff.  Now, Chris and Seth have both come in and out of my life since then, but none of these times have been anywhere close to the first time.
This is the only picture I have of me and Chris.
And, this is the best one I have of me and Seth.

First prom or school dance
We had Winter Formal and Prom at my high school, but my first Winter Formal I didn't go with a boy.  My senior year Winter Formal I went with one of my best friends, but I had talked Chris into DJ'ing it and he was really the reason I wanted to go.  I stayed behind the DJ table with him most of the time.  My Junior prom was a disaster!!! I had 3 different dates within the week before prom.  The first one decided to go with his friends, the second option I wasn't all for, and the last one was just a friend from band.  My Senior year prom I went with the same best friend I went to Winter Formal with, but it was awful as well.  I was dating Seth by then, and Branigan wouldn't let me dance with anyone else.  If I got up, he was right on my tail, and he was a terrible dancer but I didn't have the heart to tell him so I told him my back was hurting and left at 10 o'clock.

Enjoy these pictures:
I don't have one of Junior Winter Formal.
Prom 2008 - My Junior Year

Winter Formal 2008 - Senior Year

Prom 2009 - Senior Year Love that dress!!!

There's my firsts!

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  1. Ugh that's awful you had to make up a story just to get out of there! Sounds like not the greatest prom experience... but honestly, I think most of the stories I've read so far weren't that great either! Oh high school... Glad you joined and linked up with us today!


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