Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who woulda known?

Fun fact (that even I myself didn't know until today):
I'm allergic to large amounts of pineapple.  A lady in my office brought me a small cup last week to go with my lunch, and it was delicious.  So, today I went out to Wal-mart to get some more.  Well, they were out of the small cups, so I bought the big 10oz. tray.  Mistake #1.
I got back, and proceeded to eat almost the entire 10oz tray.  Mistake #2.
I got back to my office, and I noticed that my tongue was itching, and it was getting harder to swallow.  And, then my neck started itching and my arms and my eyes.  Which turned into my eyes getting red, and kinda blurry vision.  (Which is quite hindering when you only have one eye you can see out of anyways.)
So, of course no one has benadryl.  So, here I sit itching myself to death for 25 more minutes until I can go home and take some.  And, to top it all off I fell in the lobby and theres a huge knot on my knee, so I'm also limping slightly.
Wow what a day.
But, on a happier note, you should totally consider donating to my personal fundraising campaign for our fundraiser at work.  It's to raise money for our organization, which is amazing.  If you wanta know what it is, I don't mind telling you.

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  1. That would be scary! Glad you are okay now and know to avoid it.


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