Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth be told, I'm lion!!

What a fun link up. I just found Alexa at Southern Our Way and I think I found a best friend. 

They're doing a one-time linkup that is a two truths and one lie game. And, I've never been good at this game, but here goes. 

1.  I once got breathalized because I couldn't say my ABC's and the cop thought I was drunk.
2.  I danced on a bar on my 21st birthday, while the bar was having a foam party.
3.  I really hate whipped cream and chose to go to a restaurant that pies you in the face for your birthday for my Sweet 16.  (In the Bojangles Hummer I might add).

1.  Truth.  I did get breathalized because I didn't know my ABC's.  I wasn't drunk at all (blew a 0.00).  I'm just a terrible American.  And, I was superrr nervous.  It was 3 in the morning.  I was taking my bestfriend back to her college an hour away.  It was one of her first weekends in college.   Her and her friend were both drunk.  They were also both on the swim team.  I knew if I got them arrested they would be kicked off.  And, he made me go from C to W without singing.  I made it to R, and went straight to W. Whoops!

2.  Lie.  I did go to the bar, and there was a foam party.  But, I did not dance on any bars.  We actually didn't even last an hour.  I was only with one other friend (who wasn't 21), and I made it through this drink that was really delicious.  Then, I told the girl to make me something different, and it was the strangest thing ever.  It tasted like a really sour jolly rancher.  And, the people from the foam party were rubbing all up on me and getting me wet.  And, my least favorite fraternity walked in the door.  So, home we went.

3.  Truth.  I do really hate whipped cream.  I did knowingly choose to go to a restaurant that pied you in the face.  Because I loved the chicken strips.  I think about those chicken strips so often, because the restaurant is now gone.  And, to top it off we came cruising in the parking lot blasting the chicken dance out of the speakers mounted on the outside of the Bojangles Hummer.  Rock on!!! We also went to the movies, and I washed my hair in the bathroom, because I could still smell the whipped cream.  I have no idea what movie we saw to this day.

This was such a fun link-up!! Thanks ladies.



  1. You totally should have danced on that bar, girl ;)
    And that's hilarious about the ABCs... I can't say the ABCs backwards while sober, so I hope I never get pulled over!

    Thanks for linkin up with us!

  2. you got me, I totally thought it was #3!! foam parties, im not a fan. haha

  3. i've danced on one "bar" in my life. It was in high school and we went to hooters and they lied and told them it was my birthday, they made me get up there hahah.


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