Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday Social 2/3

Sunday Social
Time for another Sunday Social, although I'm a day late. 
1. If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?
My iPad, and sunscreen.  This redhead burns real easy.
2. What are two TV shows you'd watch over and over
NCIS and Grey's Anatomy.
3. If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
Vinny the violin and a phone to call 911.
4. What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
My red and black Chevron dress:
And my black boots.
5. What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
Pitch Perfect and One For the Money
6. What are your two biggest guilty pleasures? 
SunDrop and Wine


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